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A small idea to start a business from home in 2017. The Product was selected “COPPER BOTTLES” started with online and getting good response it developed more focus with all new ideas a company was formed COPPERKING HOMEE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED by our founder Mr. Santosh Pawar and Mrs. Praveena Pawar with the brand name COPPERKING!
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About us

In a world filled with mass flow production and hyper consumerism, handcrafted artisian stories keep us together. Our products are made from Nature. We work with resources that are recyclable and Sustainable. Each CopperKing piece is handcrafted using traditional techniques, wrapped in minimalistic packaging & offers Ayurveda and Vitality benefits.The products are designed by an in – house team of designers for an appealing look. CopperKing products are not only available in dealer networks and corporates but also exported to many countries. We have started a Manufacturing unit at Vasai near Mumbai with the latest equipment and process to provide quality assurance to our clients. Started with a small capital we are here with one factory and one office. Company has the enthusiasm to get a good platform and create a story in Business world.



Together we want to redefine fashion and lifestyle with COPPERKING. We offer handicrafts over mass production Machines, tradition over trend and sustainability over fast fashion. We want to bring products that you can CHOOSE, USE, and REUSE!


We believe that everything you pay attention to,will grow, and this is how we want to make an impact. We ensure that our manufacturing process and utmost resource – saving Sustainable and most importantly ethically fair.


We love creating magic with our hands. Our mission is to continue designing new products and new ideas to create a magic of products that can be made in to something special without sacrificing on their functionality within the framework of craftsmanship, traditional values and natural materials. Our design ethos is to make things stand out and turns heads!