CopperKing Steel Copper Jug 1250ML, Water Drinking in Copper Vessel

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Pure Copper Water JUG

  • • LEAK PROOF & JOINT FREE– 100% Copper leak proof Jug. It is water tight with a seal that keeps the water out even when the Jug is upside down. For Any Manufacturing Defect. We Stand Behind Our Products And You Can Buy With Confidence! Plus Full Time Customer Support Agents To Assist You With Any Post Purchase Concerns.
    • REDUCES WEIGHT, JOINT PAIN & IMPROVES DIGESTION– Water stored overnight in Copper Jug helps in reducing weight, prevents obesity, reduces joint pain, maintains good digestion & make your life healthy.
    • FIGHTS WITH CANCER, CHOLESTEROL & ITS A GREAT BRAIN STIMULANT– Copper helps in formation of myelin sheaths, making your brain work much faster and more efficiently. IT FIGHTS WITH CANCER IF USED REGULARLY. plus its continuous use helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.
    • MAKES YOU LOOK YOUNGER & HAVE HEALTHY SKIN– The copper Jug water is Anti-Aging. It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and patchy skin. Drinking water from copper Jug can thus help you look younger and fitter.
    • INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLEANING- Do not use a coarse scrub to wash the inside of the Jug as it will tend to scrape away copper from the Jug. Use some lemon juice and hot water in Jug and shake it well allow it to stand for a few minutes and then wash off with plain water.
  • Description

    Pure Copper Product
    • Ayurvedic Health Benefits
    • Lab Tested certified Copper Water Glass.
    • Drink water from a copper vessel to reap numerous health benefits. The water stored in a copper vessel is known as “TamaraJal” and is supposed to be consumed after storing the water in a copper vessel for at least eight hours According to Ayurveda water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body (pitta, kapha and vata) and it does so by positively charging the water. The best part about this water is that it never becomes stale and can be stored this way for long periods of time.
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